About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful International Cuisine.

The luxury of fine dining at the comfort of your home! Chef Emeka with it's tailored menus give you a range of cuisines to choose from, or can be custom made according to your preferences. So go ahead, order a Chef Emeka experience at your home and while you reconnect with your loved ones, we will set up to gratify your taste buds!


Our Chefs

Emeka Vincent-Eloagu

Head Chef

Emeka Vincent-Eloagu​

Sous Chef

Emeka Vincent-Eloagu​

Restaurant Manager

Emeka Vincent-Eloagu​

Pasta Expert

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Restaurant Amenities

Exquisite Scenery

Free WiFi

Relaxing Music


Happy Customers...

"Chef Emeka is amazing. He made the food for my dad's birthday and it was superb. My dad keeps asking for you. :)"

- Amina Mohammed

"I love Chef Emeka. He makes the most amazing dishes."

- Jessica Adeyemi

"A taste of that French-Nigerian cuisine has left me coming back regularly. Chef Emeka, you are the best."

- Obinna Tata

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